vAuto is a leading provider of software solutions that empower auto dealers to manage their vehicle inventories. More than 3,500 dealerships use vAuto’s stocking, appraising, pricing and merchandising tools.

When vAuto planned a site relaunch, one of the key challenges was to improve its search engine rankings. To accomplish this, we planned and implemented an SEO program that would drive targeted, motivated inquirers to the site and encourage them to schedule a demo of vAuto’s solutions.


We developed a comprehensive keyword strategy that strongly influenced the site’s content and architecture. Our research identified multiple opportunities to establish vAuto as a thought leader on topics that were both important to the audience and highly relevant to the company’s solutions. To align strategically with these keyword opportunities, we expanded the site’s content. The new site not only contains strong product and solution pages, it also delivers substantial thought leadership content.

We optimized the site content and architecture through a comprehensive set of tactics:

  • OPTIMIZED METADATA AND CONTENT – Keywords were strategically integrated into tags and tag structures optimized.
  • OPTIMIZED URLS AND INTERNAL LINKING STRUCTURE – URL structures were written to fully leverage keywords and ensure ideal parsing by search engines.
  • INCLUSION OF MICRODATA – Microdata markup was added to the site to provide search engines with additional information about the content.
  • VIDEO OPTIMIZATION – All site videos were optimized to ensure success in both general search engines and on YouTube.

Screenshot of Google results after the SEO program
vAuto’s thought leadership and product content top listings for this keyword.


Screenshot of search results after SEO program
vAuto has all three top listings for this term.


The SEO program was a major success. Metrics improved dramatically:

Image of increased traffic statistics from the SEO program
vAuto’s SEO program delivered impressive results. The site now ranks on the first page of Google’s search results for 30 of its 36 target keywords, with 18 earning the top position.

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