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Helping a B2C Business Launch a B2B Service

Getting Teams to Adopt Wearable Tech

The base brand WHOOP helps individuals monitor and optimize personal health metrics, manage strain, and improve sleep and recovery. What WHOOP does for individuals, WHOOP Unite does for entire organizations help elevate overall performance and productivity.

WHOOP Unite, a Company Built on Collaboration

We partnered with the marketing team at WHOOP Unite to determine a go-to-market positioning for the new B2B brand that would work for every vertical the new brand wished to engage: “Support not Sacrifice” emerged as the strategy for the “All Together Now” campaign.

Developing a Complete Plan

We created a comprehensive B2B customer experience strategy targeting complex buying groups in four key verticals for WHOOP Unite: NCAA Division 1 Athletics, business, healthcare and public service.

Going to Market

That customer experience included building and launching the WHOOP Unite website. Martech funneled prospects to the site. Demand infrastructure was continuously optimized to increase the core audiences’ engagement, with all digital assets driving more leads into the sales pipeline.

Business Growth


site visits 12,830 in the first 15 days, and an average of 600 site visits per day.


and connect with core digital assets like ebooks, case studies, videos and blog content.


new leads and acceleration of in-progress sales conversations.


demand — 179 form submissions via the website in less than a month.