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Using B2B Personas to Optimize Web Conversion

To create a conversion-optimized website, you must stock it with content, navigation paths and ca...


Marketing to Customer Needs: The Power of Personas

In this webinar, SiriusDecisions’ Cheri Keith joins The Mx Group to share how demand generation...


Buyer-Centric Website Planning

Use this worksheet to organize and plan your buyer-centric website content by persona, and on th...


5-Minute Buyer Persona

Use this persona worksheet as a framework to create a basic one, which will take you down the pat...


Buy Cycle Insights

Use this worksheet as a framework to develop the right questions for acquiring buy cycle insights...


Buyer-Centric Interactive Content Planning

Use this worksheet to organize and plan buyer-centric interactive content.


Engage Users on Their Terms to Achieve YOUR Goals

Use these four worksheets on persona planning, buy cycle insights, buyer-centric interactive cont...


How to Bust Through Content Roadblocks & Think Differently!

Ready to make this year your best content year yet? Get inspired by viewing this webinar about ho...


B2B Modern Marketing Research Report: How the Best Achieve Success

B2B marketing is a challenging landscape. With more technology, data and theory than ever before,...


Interactive Content Across the Funnel: How to Succeed by Putting Buyers in Control

Find out what kind of interactive content will work best for your brand and your buyers so you ca...



Dale Pollak, founder of vAuto, discusses how The Mx Group has become a highly valued extension of...

Interactive Content

Modern Marketing Assessment

To sell to modern buyers, you need to modernize your marketing. But how close are you to achievin...