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Persona-driven UX Makes Conversions

Global Tester Needed Website Support

MTS is a global supplier of test and simulation systems that helps customers in transportation, energy, infrastructure, biomedical, consumer goods and more prove out ideas before they go to market.

But their site was seeing high bounce rates, short visit sessions and low conversion rates.

Identifying the Strategy

We began with a discovery process with key stakeholders in every MTS business unit. We quickly recognized it would take more than a look and feel upgrade. An overall customer-focused site approach was needed.

Understanding Our Audiences

We conducted one-on-one interviews with global prospects and customers across every segment to understand pain points and needs. We also uncovered differences in the sales cycle and maturity across customer types. The resulting buyer personas helped shape how we needed to approach content and conversion paths.

Bringing It to Life

The new site brought together deeper and more compelling content; optimized conversion paths; a cohesive visual design; and a nimble, user-friendly admin. We implemented a new CMS platform, defined and configured authoring and translation workflows, and supported the integration of a new MAP platform and WeChat app to support international audiences.

Measurable Impact


increase in lead gen conversion as a percentage of all visits


decrease in site bounce rates


decrease in home page bounce rates


increase in time spent on the site