About The MX Group

We Are a B2B Agency. Our Mission Is to Impact the Marketplace for Companies That Impact the World.

Our clients make things that matter. To people, industries and economies.
Our people do work that drives growth by opening minds and challenging thinking.
Our results are only as good as our relationships, so that’s our #1 focus.
Our agency was born in 1989, which we believe inspired Taylor Swift’s Grammy-winning album.
Our office is in Chicagoland, but our people add perspectives from every U.S. region.
Our partners make us global.
Our pets keep us sane.

Why B2B?

We believe there’s no more exciting, important, challenging or timely work to be done in marketing and advertising.

Executive Leadership Team

Tony Riley

President and CEO

Tony is focused on growth with a bias for action. Might have something to do with his time in the military (USMC), but it’s worked out well for every company he’s helped move forward, from startups to Fortune 100s.

James Meyers

SVP Managing Director, Content Marketing

Jim’s a founder. In 1994 he created Imagination, an award-winning, Chicago-based content marketing agency that’s now part of MX. An inveterate innovator, Jim helps companies thrive by establishing credibility in the marketplace.

Emily Kleist

Emily Kleist

VP Executive Creative Director

Emily’s mission is to foster creativity across the agency. She works to help MXers find the version of themselves that’s most expressive, distinct and collaborative — to get to better work, better relationships and better results together.

Brendan Turner

SVP Digital Experience

Brendan leads the Digital Experience practice, leveraging data-informed tech to drive brand-to-demand impact that will take a company to the next level. And yes, he knows where AI is going.

Leaders, relationship builders and idea generators across every B2B discipline.

Meet more MXers

MX by the Numbers


largest B2B agency in the U.S.


largest independent B2B agency in the U.S.


largest B2B agency globally*


and only B2B agency ranked in the U.S. Top 10 since list inception

*MX + Bray Leino Global Partnership.
(All above according to B2B Marketing's U.S. and Global Agencies Benchmarking Reports 2024)

Global Ability and Agility

Bray Leino Limited is a like-minded agency we’ve been proud to call a partner for six years. Together we serve clients in the U.S., U.K. and Asia.

Ready to talk? We promise to keep it interesting.