Content Performance

Visibility. Engagement. Authority.

Performance analytics tell the story of content’s full potential as much as they reveal performance. Our ongoing analysis enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions needed to achieve their goals and maximize ROI.

How We Get Results

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Content marketing is only successful if you can prove its value. To do so, you need to measure content’s strengths: visibility, engagement and authority.

Test and Learn

Test and Learn

Accelerate your content program with A/B testing. By reviewing patterns, significant data variations and audience behaviors, we uncover insights and optimization opportunities.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards

Data analysis, insights and recommendations reviewed on a monthly basis is the best way to continually improve an ongoing program.

How We Can Help:

Measurement Planning

Real-time dashboards empower your team to take the pulse of performance. With a comprehensive performance analytics approach we review segments, engagement and performance over time.

KPI and Goal Setting

Defining objectives, key performance indicators and trends over time give the insights needed to make impactful change to the performance of content.

Thought Leadership Index™

The the first tool of its kind to effectively and critically calculate the drivers of thought leadership and an organization’s thought leadership position compared to its competitors.

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Content Performance Score™

Visibility is how discoverable and apparent your content appears to your audience.
Engagement is how interested and invested your target audience is in your content.
Authority is how credible and trustworthy your content is perceived to be.

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