Personas Are People First.

Buyer personas represent the fascinating individuals whose needs, pain points and ambitions inspire innovation in B2B. The more you understand their struggles and successes, the more likely you are to be resonant – and drive revenue.

Our Process:

A Proven Model

A Proven Model

The Buyer Persona Institute’s 5 Rings of Buying Insight approach highlights buyers’ challenges, roadblocks and reasons they ultimately choose one solution over another.

Comprehensive Research

Comprehensive Research

Research varies based on whether you are personifying buyers in markets you serve or markets you wish to enter. But all are centered on a mix of qualitative and quantitative audience data to find the most actionable insights.

Persona Integration

Persona Integration

What we uncover in the exploration process is translated into a detailed profile of your key personas we can integrate into creative briefs, sales tools and education, content plans and more.

B2B Like It Oughta Be:

For Better B2B Buyer Personas, Focus on People

The real David Datascientist and Emily Executive wouldn’t be particularly keen on having all their quirks, foibles and traits reduced to some bullet points in a document.

How Personas Can Be Better:

Avoid Stereotypes

Stereotypes are bound to lead us down the wrong path, toward ineffective strategies and inauthentic creative. For a persona to be effective, it needs to understand the person behind the title.

Focus on What Matters

Personas that play to stereotypes of functional roles are doomed to fail. What marketers must understand to support their buyers is what makes them tick — their priority initiatives, their perceived barriers, their success factors, how they like to buy, where they go for information and what pain they need eased. This moves marketers from talking at people to guiding people toward their solutions.

Practitioners' Perspective

We ensure our personas aren’t just theoretical, but instead actionable. While audience research can provide interesting takeaways, it can be difficult to put those insights into practice in your marketing programs. As an agency responsible not just for the research itself, but also for the marketing programs that follow, we know which insights matter most to best inform your strategies, your content and your targeting.

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