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Building a Brand on Core Beliefs

Taking a Stand

Zekelman, a family of steel pipe and tube manufacturing companies, had previously focused its marketing efforts on product brands. While the portfolio was strong, competition in the commodity market is mostly based on price. Zekelman believes price is only part of the equation — that every purchase decision has a ripple effect, whether good or bad. It was time to go to market with a message that would truly set Zekelman apart, communicating the continual investment in and commitment to domestic manufacturing and giving audiences some much-needed inspiration. The decision to develop a new corporate brand platform became clear.

Creating the Platform

We partnered with the Zekelman team to identify the most compelling insights to inspire our work — starting with manufacturing’s unique ability to improve the resiliency of the wider economy. We knew that an increasing number of buyers are lining up behind brands with purpose. It was also clear, through our years of partnership, that Zekelman was a company of action. All of these insights had to come through clearly in the creative expression.

Landing the Idea

Believe in What You Build™ became the rally cry of the new brand. More than just a tagline, it is a call to action and constant reminder that everything the Zekelman team builds together is an extension of their shared beliefs. These beliefs became a cornerstone of the brand communications.

Revealing a New Look

With the idea and tagline in place, we were able to develop a refreshed logo design and visual identity. A refreshed corporate website went live, along with a planned brand ambassador program and new decor for all Zekelman locations. Zekelman also launched an internal communication app to help teammates see and share the latest accomplishments happening across the company and interact more easily.

Rallying the Team

Every Zekelman company across North America paused production to participate in internal launch day, featuring a live address by CEO Barry Zekelman. 

Business Growth


21 locations paused production to participate in launch day.


A brand ambassador program is launching to keep employees motivated and on-message.


Multiple product- and business-related campaigns are planned for the year to address new audiences with a meaningful message.


Messaging is a rally cry for talent recruitment and directly supports career fairs and general candidate pipeline activity.