Interactive Content Tool Drives Mid-funnel Engagement, Lead Volume

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vAuto’s wholesale vehicle sourcing software, Stockwave, was the perfect solution to help car dealers make a profit in the modern marketplace, where profit margins for dealerships had been shrinking for years. vAuto just needed a way to help dealers see for themselves how valuable Stockwave would be for their business by being smarter about their buying. Based on survey results, user feedback and internal analysis, we worked with the vAuto team to launch a new campaign emphasizing the product’s ability to help dealerships improve front-end gross profits — and we built an interactive calculator that would show dealers exactly how much profit they stood to gain.


Leveraging the research and internal insights we’d gained, we created an energized campaign for Stockwave. The line “Don’t show me cars. Show me the money!” became the focus for print and digital advertising. At the center of the campaign was a gross profit calculator. This compelling interactive content tool was designed to help prospects imagine themselves profiting from using Stockwave.

Our creative and digital development teams worked together to build the online interactive calculator for vAuto’s website. This tool was designed to fulfill the vAuto’s team’s commitment to CEB’s Challenger Selling™ model, particularly the critical “rational drowning” step in the sales choreography. Prospects would be able to use the calculator to create their own compelling, inarguable case that Stockwave would make a significant difference in their overall success.

To inform the interactive tool’s calculations, we analyzed performance data to determine Stockwave user benchmarks, and gathered industry benchmarks from reliable third-party sources, to create a basis for gross profit comparison between Stockwave users and non-Stockwave users within the interactive calculator.

When visitors land on the calculator page (from an email, social media promotion or SEM prompt), they receive quick context and compelling Stockwave user success stats. Next, they’re invited to enter some specific numbers of their own: their current average front-end gross on auction-sourced inventory, the number of vehicles they source at auction per month, their average monthly sales, and their time spent sourcing per week.

When they click “Submit,” they’re given a personalized analysis of their current status compared to their potential gains from using Stockwave. This is immediately followed by an invitation for personalized follow-up with a sales representative.


The interactive calculator has exceeded expectations in engaging thousands of mid-funnel prospects and educating the market on Stockwave’s most compelling promise. It has not only improved the volume and quality of leads but also encouraged more Stockwave users to step forward and offer their own success statistics. The calculator also helps to make the campaign line (“Don’t show me cars. Show me the money!”) all the more convincing. By showing hard numbers to back up this claim, the interactive calculator proves that Stockwave will be vital to their success.

This campaign earned a 2019 Killer Content Award, as did this award-winning integrated thought leadership campaign.

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