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Sales Enablement Tool Garners 90% Adoption

Unburdening Sales Reps

When what you’re selling is as large and heavy as a mattress, it’s hard to take product samples on the road. For years Tempur Sealy’s hospitality sales team made do with physical mattress sections cut to show options of coil, foam, fabric types and more. Expensive to make, hard to carry around, and not always available for impromptu demos.

The 3D Solution

We recommended enabling the team with a custom app to deliver a virtual demo of all products on a tablet or laptop. Our team custom-developed a 3D model of each mattress across hospitality product lines, referencing product photography, materials samples and detailed specs. From there we seamlessly stitched together animations that allowed reps to pull back the layers to reveal the inner construction of the mattress — all driven by a tap or click.

Engaging Audiences Everywhere

The product tool also serves as an engaging piece of interactive content on Tempur Sealy’s website and is featured in sales communications, at trade shows and at conferences.

Measurable Impact:


adoption rate among reps within first three months of use