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Envoy  |  SaaS

The Impact

Envoy, a SaaS company, needed to launch a robust multi-channel brand awareness campaign to meet the needs of the new, modern workplace with its emerging workplace platform. We leveraged our partnership with Gregory Welteroth Advertising to create a comprehensive awareness campaign that would work in tandem with Envoy’s demand operations. Our goals:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Create a lift in qualified leads.
  • Drive revenue.

Our strategy targeted HR professionals in key metro areas. We deployed the Envoy campaign across OOH, OTT, print, digital, radio and event sponsorship. In six months we helped Envoy:

  • Raise $111 million in Series C financing to help businesses navigate pandemic protocols.
  • Elevate Envoy’s non-branded SEO position for “hybrid work” from 45 to 1.
  • Increase Envoy’s brand awareness by 13%.
  • Grow leads by 249% with a 146% lift in sales-qualified leads.
  • Create an 84% lift in deal size during the campaign window.

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The Need

The modern workplace has drastically changed. Digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic, evolved business environments and ushered in a new, modern workforce. Envoy, a SaaS company, offers a workplace platform that keeps employees safe and businesses compliant. With offices around the world navigating pandemic protocols and hybrid work environments, Envoy needed to position its platform as the number-one solution provider for hybrid, remote and in-office businesses. We partnered with Envoy to launch a brand awareness campaign within a short time frame to meet the surging demands of the modern workplace.

The Challenge

Envoy had been operating prior to 2020. Once the pandemic struck, the SaaS company realized the imperative for an extensive brand awareness campaign with a lead generation strategy to demonstrate how its platform could help businesses navigate the complexities of a hybrid workplace. The campaign needed to be launched in a rapid time frame, spanning multiple channels. Envoy wanted to showcase its workplace management platform as the preferred choice.

Our goal was to boost traffic to Envoy’s website; increase qualified leads, revenue, and brand awareness; and engage the investor community prior to its Series C funding round. To accomplish this, we launched a multi-channel campaign that targeted specific major metro market locations such as Chicago, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. Within these markets, we narrowed our targets to technical directors, security leaders, HR professionals and workplace managers to generate qualified leads with an exposure campaign spanning six months.

The Solution

The full campaign ran for six months and culminated in a platinum sponsorship at the Human Resource Executive HR Technology Conference. Envoy’s team already included an adept demand generation department in-house. We ran the campaign in parallel with their demand generation efforts. We united brand and demand by forming a tight union with the client’s existing pay-per-click, retargeting and Google Display Network advertising and partnered with Gregory Welteroth Advertising to bring the client’s brand vision to life.

The multi-channel campaign launched just 17 days after briefing, with the lively messaging ushering people through an upbeat view of the “return to office” journey. Envoy’s brand campaign covered:

Print: Ads ran in national and local newspapers, in addition to eight-page spreads in multiple high-impact publications (Forbes, WIRED, etc.) and selected premium-priced billboard placements within the targeted metros. We wanted to ensure the ads demonstrated best-in-class quality.

Radio and Podcasts: The ads appeared on radio and podcast channels that would expose Envoy’s brand to targets in a way that was relatable and top of the line, and that communicated authority in the marketplace.

OOH and Digital: These were launched in key metro areas to create an even larger market-specific impact. Envoy’s brand was displayed throughout major cities, like London, with custom taxi graphics and wraps.

OTT: This dynamic element of the campaign was incorporating digital TV and OTT advertising. The ad was viewed on platforms like Pluto TV and CBS News.

The Results

Our strategy led to Envoy raising $111 million in Series C financing to help businesses navigate pandemic protocols. Results were measured through a pre- and post-campaign brand awareness survey showing that Envoy’s non-branded SEO position for “hybrid work” went from 45 to 1 and Envoy’s brand awareness increased by 13%.

Overall, the campaign saw a 249% increase in leads and 146% increase in sales-qualified leads. This created an 84% lift in deal size during the campaign window. These campaign KPI accomplishments cannot be directly attributed to any specific media, but we found through regression analysis that there was a strong, positive correlation between the media in market and number of deals closed / won.


As the modern workplace evolves, Envoy will continue to make its impact, helping businesses connect and thrive. The overall success of this global marketing campaign demonstrates the power of uniting brand and demand.

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