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B2B’s move to mobile has already happened, and marketers can’t afford not to respond. According to State of Digital, 65% of C-level executives are comfortable making business purchases online. What’s more, Google reports that 42% of B2B decision-makers use mobile during the purchase process. These users want to get information quickly, efficiently and through their preferred platform. And there’s no better way to accommodate these mobile-minded users than a B2B mobile app. A custom mobile business app can provide the personalized experience users want, and keep your company top-of-mind for current and potential customers.

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How B2B Mobile Apps Engage Your Audience

Why develop mobile apps for business? Because apps deliver value that other digital experiences can’t. They provide anytime, anywhere access to the functionalities users rely on most. They leverage all the benefits of mobile devices: location tracking, personalized identification and more. And they can deliver notifications that automatically feed information straight to users. In short, they create a personalized experience that embeds your business value in users’ devices — and in their daily lives.

The Mx Group Agile development process: Identify: customer needs, competitive gap and brand promise; plan; focus; execute; release and pivot; repeat.
Our Agile approach to mobile app development allows us to identify your needs, then meet them quickly and efficiently.

How We Prioritize Your Business Goals

The most important part of a B2B app is the business value it delivers. And to achieve that value, an app’s user experience must be tailor-made for your users: what they need and how they prefer to engage. We’re just as invested in the business side of mobile app development as the technology side — and we’ll make sure your app’s experience is customized for your users.

We can help decide what use cases and features will make the most effective app, or execute a feature set you already have in mind. We bring in-depth user insight into the development process, from A / B testing and heat mapping to beta testing and personas. At the end of the day, we’ll develop an app that’s well-designed, strategically aligned and built for results.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our digital development team brings the technical expertise to create an effective, user-focused mobile business app. We can work efficiently across the platforms your users prefer. We use a blend of proprietary technologies and open-source platforms. Plus, we connect apps to the right back-end systems and databases, so you can be confident the product will function effectively.

We’ve aligned our B2B app development process with industry best practices in order to work quickly and efficiently. Our Agile development methodology allows us to quickly test, receive feedback and respond to changes in the market, the project scope or your needs. To give you peace of mind, we make security a top priority, carefully managing privileges and using secure APIs. And we manage and update apps throughout their lifecycles so they always deliver a consistent and valuable user experience.


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