B2B Telemarketing

No doubt about it: Digital can do a lot to engage B2B buyers. Still, there’s one thing no digital content can do, whether it’s an automated journey, web content or anything else. It can’t replace the human touch. Sure, automation gets pretty personalized. But person-to-person connections take just that: people. Especially for complex, high-investment purchases, most B2B buyers want to speak to a real person before they can move forward with confidence. And B2B telemarketing services can deliver that reassuring human touch those buyers need. This tried-and-true tactic gets results: LinkedIn and emedia report that 78% of B2B companies find it effective to generate telemarketing leads. It creates a one-on-one connection that can optimize your marketing programs, drive sales leads, and get better results across your whole sales and marketing pipeline.

78% of B2B companies using telemarketing find it effective. Source: LinkedIn and emedia

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Pipeline with Telemarketing

Interested in telemarketing? You can use this versatile tactic in many different ways, depending on your needs and goals. We deploy all kinds of telemarketing programs for our B2B clients, using both inbound and outbound methods, but these five approaches are the most common:

  • Lead Generation
    Need more sales leads? Our call-center specialists deploy outbound telemarketing calls that engage your market. We connect with prospects to offer resources, gather information, provide consultations and more.
  • Lead Qualification
    Telequalification can reveal which prospects are really ready for Sales. Our team contacts leads to explore their needs, qualify based on specific criteria, and evaluate sales readiness. If they’re truly qualified, we forward to Sales; if not, we recycle them for more nurturing.
  • Lead Nurturing
    When buyers aren’t quite ready for Sales, we provide the personalized touch they need to move forward confidently. Over-the-phone webinar invitations, calls to review marketing assets, phone surveys and more — telemarketing’s possibilities for nurturing are endless.
  • Sales Follow-up
    We reach out to newly won customers to gauge their reaction to your sales process, spot upsell opportunities, and troubleshoot concerns early in their lifecycle. We can even check in with the prospects you didn’t close, gathering insight that could improve sales processes.
  • Sales Team Support
    Make the most of Sales’ most valuable resource: time. Our call specialists can handle day-to-day sales tasks like answering questions, following up on quotes — and, if buyers are ready, even sell directly to smaller accounts. That way, Sales can focus on big opportunities, and you can reach more potential buyers.

Our B2B Telemarketing Services

We design and deploy holistic telemarketing solutions that integrate with your marketing operations to nurture leads and support Sales. Our in-house teleservices team can help you with a variety of services, including:

  • Call guide and messaging development
  • Data appending and segmentation
  • Database building and cleaning
  • Research
  • Developing test cases
  • Reporting and call review
  • Inside or “virtual” sales

And with our turnkey approach to telemarketing, we can get this done fast!


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