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Driving B2B Demand for a B2C Business

Designing the Business Buyer Experience

UScellular, the nation’s fourth-largest telecommunications provider, was well known among consumers and interested in growing its B2B capabilities. It was time to design a B2B buyer experience that introduced compelling value-added services specific to SMB needs, as well as the internal processes and technologies to enable the UScellular team to drive these new business goals.

Understanding the Audience

Small- to mid-sized businesses face increasingly complex telecommunication challenges and often have limited resources to solve them. UScellular had built credibility with consumers as an accessible company that builds relationships with users. We simply had to help business buyers find their way to the same excellent experience. We started with buyer persona research and built a website and communications plan around specific profiles.

Telling the Story Across the Funnel

Our recommended strategy was to develop content tied to specific pain points discovered in our buyer persona research. We then created relevant, nuanced content for SEM, SEO, content syndication, direct lead generation and nurture journeys — all with a persuasive, personal tone.

The All-new B2B Website

We started with relatively small real estate on UScellular’s consumer website and created a more robust microsite just for B2B audiences. The new site was centered on UScellular’s value prop — helping companies “Move Beyond Limits” — and aimed for a smart, strategic and user-friendly visitor experience.

New Processes and Technologies

We helped the UScellular team turn interest into opportunity by establishing the definition of a lead, providing telequalification as leads came through the door, and building the infrastructure to connect the website to marketing automation technology to reporting that drove continual optimization of the program.

Business Growth


visitors in the site’s first two years


of pipeline contribution


sales acceptance rate


monthly MQL count


annual marketing budget

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