The pool of clients in the pharmacy benefit management industry is not growing; each deal is hard-won, with long sales cycles and long-term commitments. Clients look to Catamaran (now OptumRx) not only to respond to the present, but also to anticipate and help shape the future. It is critical for Catamaran to demonstrate its innovative vision of the future as a compelling differentiator within the industry.


We worked with Catamaran to create a versatile showpiece video that delivers an immersive brand experience. The piece envisions the future of health care and pharmacy services and illustrates the value and innovation Catamaran will bring to its clients in that world.

Picture of the Catamaran PBM 20/20 B2B video and animation at the Catamaran Innovation Center
The PBM 20/20 video is the centerpiece of  the Catamaran Innovation Center in downtown Chicago.

The PBM 20/20 video consists of 12 vignettes that imagine the future from the perspective of a patient, a health care provider or a health care payer (e.g., insurance company). Each vignette demonstrates how the data, technology and clinical insights Catamaran offers will play a role in improving health and reducing costs — key motivators in client and prospect buying decisions.

The PBM 20/20 demonstrates how Catamaran will power the future of health care.

The demonstration of this vision places Catamaran in the minds of buyers as a company that understands their needs now — and will for years to come. This positioning creates a strong motivation for customers to select Catamaran for large, multiyear contracts.

Displayed on a 20′ x 6′ gesture-controlled video wall, PBM 20/20 is purposefully not narrated, allowing the vignettes to be easily integrated into custom presentations that generate interest.


The video project has made a big impression among customers, prospects and analysts, serving as the centerpiece of the Catamaran Innovation Center in downtown Chicago.

Response from customers has been strong, and they have made clear that demonstrating this level of forward thinking has helped set Catamaran apart from its competitors. Most importantly, the vision communicated here helped Catamaran beat out its two biggest competitors for a major contract — a $10 billion, five-year deal, the industry’s biggest in recent history.

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