Account-Based Marketing

Get on the Road to Operationalizing ABM

There’s a significant shift in marketing momentum right now from a volume-based lead strategy toward account-based marketing (ABM). It’s a move that allows organizations to focus their resources in an efficient, purposeful way to expand business with current customers and develop relationships with ideal new ones. But ABM isn’t really new to us — we’ve actually been running ABM or “key account” programs for years to help fill our clients’ pipelines with quality leads and new opportunities. And now we’re doing it utilizing modern strategies, tools and technologies.

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While interest in ABM is at an all-time high, in reality, very few companies are truly operationalizing account-based strategies and tactics successfully. There are many factors to consider, and we’ve created the ABM Roadmap to help you succeed. It reviews in detail the seven key categories to consider when developing and running ABM initiatives, from the most basic (crawl), to the more involved (walk), to the advanced (run).

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There are four ways to use our ABM Roadmap tool:

  1. Learn about the range of ABM activities that can be activated, and share them with your team to set goals.
  2. Assess which ABM-related strategies and tactics you have already engaged in and how satisfied you are with your work in these areas. Clarify your “state of the state” to shorten discovery cycles later.
  3. Prioritize the next ABM-related activities you’re not yet engaging in based on how important they are to your organization.
  4. Share the Roadmap with your sales and marketing team members to develop a common understanding of priority activities and needs.

After reviewing this guide, you’ll know if you have the resources to successfully tackle ABM internally, or if you need outside expertise. If you decide it’s the latter, we’re here to help.