ABM  | Tempur Sealy

ABM Program Supports Independent Sales Reps

Removing Barriers to New Revenue

Tempur Sealy is a hospitality-focused brand that targets hotel groups operating large portfolios — from five to several hundred properties. But the independent sales reps Tempur Sealy worked with had limited bandwidth, a long list of responsibilities and competing sales priorities. It became clear that the best way to drive revenue for Tempur Sealy was to support the efforts of these hard-working sales reps.

A Relationship-focused Approach

Tempur Sealy’s challenge was simple: If you want to grow the business, you have to win relationships with key ownership companies that represent millions of dollars in annual business. We recommended an account-based marketing (ABM) program to initiate conversations with high-value targets. 

Identifying the Audience

To get to a focused list of high-value prospects, we started with a broad data set and the goal of distilling it into something marketing and sales could effectively collaborate on. We filtered by number of properties, rooms, potential annual spend and a “friendliness score” to get to a core set of 15 targets.

High-touch Touchpoints

The omni-channel approach targeted a variety of decision-makers within each account. Messaging was highly personalized to the target while connecting the dots between giving guests what they want (better sleep), driving more positive reviews for the property and driving more revenue. Once we captured a target’s interest, we facilitated appointment-setting and provided sales support materials to ensure the sales reps’ success.

Measurable Impact


increase in scheduled appointments for reps


annual potential revenue


potential lifecycle revenue