Imagination Joins The Mx Group, Combining Two Best-in-class Agencies

The Mx Group is excited to welcome Chicago-based content marketing agency Imagination into the fold. The inclusion of Imagination provides additional scale throughout the U.S. It expands our strategic, brand, demand, digital and content marketing capabilities. Together, we will leverage our collective expertise to create meaningful, seamless experiences for the clients we serve.


With Imagination, our company grows to over 160 U.S. employees and expands our B2B industry experience, now including automotive, financial services, food, health care, legal services, oil and gas, industrial, packaging, trade associations, technology and SaaS. The client roster reaches 47 brands and includes new companies such as Project Management Institute, Charles Schwab, Discover, the American Optometric Association and First Citizens Bank.

“It’s the success of our partnership thus far that’s led us to formally join The Mx Group and Imagination into one larger, integrated agency. The combination of our companies increases the perspectives we have at the table and creates a bigger, stronger agency that can make an even greater impact for clients looking to grow in the U.S.,” said Tony Riley, president and CEO of The Mx Group.


We believe the joining of our two agencies means limitless opportunities for our organizations. The pandemic led to significant focus on digital transformation to match new buying habits. According to Gartner’s B2B Buying Journey Report, the average number of touchpoints for B2B buyers along the customer journey has jumped from 17 to 27, reflecting the need for strategic B2B content in multiple channels.

The Mx Group and Imagination’s solution is to combine teams, bringing together our expertise into one larger integrated agency that will enhance brand campaigns and thought leadership, improve digitally enabled journeys and SEO programs, and ultimately create a richer customer experience for the brands The Mx Group represents.

The Imagination team specializes in storytelling content that connects brands to their audiences to deepen relationships and encourage more informed decisions. The agency has been recognized as one of the Most Creative Content Marketing Agencies in the World and named Content Marketing Agency of the Year by the Content Marketing Institute. Imagination’s journalistic content is objective, informed and valued by audiences as they engage with the content along their journey — making every touchpoint a valuable interaction for B2B buyers. With collective decades of content marketing experience, the team drives innovation, creativity and strategic thinking across the organization.

Tony Riley (left) and James Meyers (right) address Imagineers.


Imagination and The Mx Group both call Chicagoland home. We have already tested the joint value proposition in a recent — and successful — pitch with a global logistics company. The Imagination team will form the new Content Marketing Practice at The Mx Group and will be led by James Meyers, Imagination’s founder and author of the book for association leaders, “Becoming Essential.”

Meyers brings his 30 years of thought leadership experience to his new role as SVP and managing director of content marketing and Imagination. He has helped create innovative works in consultation with Northwestern University’s IMC Spiegel Digital and Database Research Center, such as the Thought Leadership Index™ — a proprietary methodology and benchmark to calculate the drivers of thought leadership and an organization’s thought leadership position compared to its competitors.

James Meyers, Founder of Imagination

“Our partnership with The Mx Group has already benefited The Mx Group’s clients as well as our own,” said Meyers. “With the uncertainty of the economy in 2023, marketers will focus on the activities that increase the relevance of their brand and quality of the customer experience to impact revenue and sales. Together, we are positioned to deliver meaningful, end-to-end experiences, including journalistic content across the buyer’s journey to generate the demand they need to move markets.”

By joining forces, we are positioned to create ideas that resonate and support the modern B2B buyer’s increased demand for self-service solution evaluation and digital interactions. Our mission, to impact the marketplace for companies that impact the world, is made more real with Imagination.

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