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A leading software supplier to automotive dealerships, VinSolutions, was aware that choosing a new software program could be an exciting experience for dealers, but also a choice that was far from simple. Successful sales processes in the automotive industry depend on software, so a wrong decision can put a dealership’s entire business at risk. VinSolutions also knew that when a wrong purchase decision was made, it was often the result of an ineffective approach to the purchase process or a disconnect between decision criteria and actual business needs.


To create truly customer-centric content, VinSolutions turned to The Mx Group to help them find a way to assist prospective dealers in overcoming their challenges navigating the software buying process and move them further down the funnel toward purchase. Buyer persona research uncovered that an overriding issue is the extremely high stakes — both positive and negative — that ride on a dealership’s choice of automotive software. Drilling down, dealers have concerns about the overall expense involved, specific capabilities, compatibility with operating systems, implementation time, training, data security and more. These issues led us to create custom content that addresses dealers’ specific software buying challenges.

Let the customer decide your format. In this case, an ebook is the preferred content type based on persona research.


The major piece of content we created to help solve VinSolutions’ dealer messaging challenges is a thorough, customer-centric ebook about how to buy dealership software. An ebook format was chosen based on media consumption habits uncovered in persona research.

Address REAL customer problems in your content.

The roadmap-themed ebook addresses the key challenge of the ineffective purchase process by laying out a logical sequence of steps dealers should follow to select the appropriate software solution. Persona insights were tied to helpful content that addresses their pain points.

Put your research to work — persona insights were incorporated into the content throughout the entire ebook.

The book has been extremely well received by dealers, and provides value throughout the entire customer journey by answering questions, guiding actions and helping clients build the business case for other stakeholders.

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