SEO and Website Optimization

Take a look at your company’s website performance — is it optimized for the way online customers actually buy? Take search, for instance. Google reports that 71% of B2B buyers start researching with a generic search. Unless your website has been search engine optimized, it may not show up in search; and as a result, buyers may never see it. And how about conversion? According to Demand Gen Report, 54% of B2B buyers turn to websites first when researching. If a website doesn’t make it easy for customers to find the information they need, they’ll move on in search of one that does. Ongoing website optimization is the best way to make sure your website matches the buyer’s journey, so it can drive traffic, spark engagement, connect to your marketing programs and generate leads.

71% of B2B buyers start researchign with a generic search. Source: SiriusDecisions

We offer a full suite of website optimization services to help you get the most value from your biggest digital asset.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Our SEO experts help websites achieve higher domain and page authority, generate and/or optimize search traffic, and increase conversions. We can handle:

  • Research: We analyze your business, competitors and industry to determine what language and questions resonate with buyers right now and to best rank your web pages.
  • On-page Updates: We build an effective SEO foundation into your website, from keyword-focused content to well-maintained URLs and effective redirects.
  • Link-building: We maximize page authority by link-building with leading industry sites and directories. We can even help implement a company blog for more link-building potential!
  • Content Strategy: Because good SEO is never finished, we ensure that all new content matches your SEO focus, and perform ongoing analysis to keep our approach in line with buyers’ needs.

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Conversion Optimization Services

We’ll make sure every aspect of your website — both mobile and desktop — delivers the results you care about, through:

  • Conversion Analysis: We’ll hone conversion-focused content by evaluating web forms and calls to action, identifying top conversion paths, and seeing where users drop off.
  • A / B and Multivariate Website Testing: We test website layout, design and content options head-to-head, identifying those that will drive the best results.
  • Real-time Web Personalization: To increase conversion potential, we can deliver a personalized experience and tailored content to web visitors based on persona, industry or segment.
  • Usability Testing: We gather real-time user feedback to see how real people interact with your site, then determine areas to improve.
  • Website Performance Optimization: We improve website speed, web page load time and other website performance issues that can hurt your conversion rate.

Website Analytics

Websites are full of valuable data, and we help you leverage it to evaluate and improve your performance. First, we build an analytics foundation, implementing tools like Google Analytics into a website. Then, based on your strategic goals, we determine which metrics matter most: click paths, site time, downloads and more.

We build regular and on-demand reports around these metrics, so you’ll always be in the loop. We’ll provide more than surface-level insights: audience information, visitor behavior, and campaign and content performance. Who visited your site? What did they do? What’s driving conversions, and why are visitors bouncing? We’ll provide the answers, revealing what’s working — and what can be revised or tested.


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