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3D Imaging Leader Embraces Digital Transformation

Un-complicating UX

FARO Technologies is the global leader in the development of hardware and software products for 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions. The company is publicly traded with operations around the globe, including a large presence in North America, APAC and EMEA. 

Over several years, the company experienced significant growth both organically and through acquisition. The rapid expansion resulted in a complicated user experience due to the dozens of websites and individual domains that needed to be rationalized.

Shifting Focus

FARO needed to pivot away from its previous sales-driven, product approach to more modern solutions and marketing focus. The goal was to drive customers deeper into the sales cycle through relevant content, sales enablement tools and conversion optimization. This required a massive digital transformation, including the integration of next-generation marketing technology, translation tools and an SEO strategy that would create better tracking and traction. 

Crafting the Experience

The twin pillars for this project were seamlessness and an audience-centric experience. To achieve both in short order, we implemented parallel workflows. Our team consolidated hundreds of websites and multiple technology platforms while simultaneously analyzing market maps to organize by key accounts, verticals and global regionals. We then developed buyer personas and journeys for each vertical and iterated by global region. 

Selecting the CMS

The discovery phase required our team to document and gather analytics on all domains, URLs, technologies, dynamic components and more. We better defined business objectives, the future growth vision, domains and languages, authoring environments, translation, personalization, MarTech stack and integration requirements.

Personalizing and Optimizing

Personalization became the primary focus. Out of the buyer personas emerged the buyers’ journeys, which helped shape the information architecture for the new site. By taking those insights and merging them with the organization’s solutions and applications, we were able to create custom content that surfaces the right information for the right people. We wrote high-performing SEO copy for multiple personas (such as engineers, safety managers, purchasing managers and users) in a range of industries from manufacturing to energy, automotive to construction and beyond.

Getting Results

Built on a single, stable platform capable of next-generation marketing, personalization and regionalization, FARO’s transformed web presence was built with ROI in mind. The highly targeted content and revamped SEO strategy generated a greater volume of top-quality leads, while the automated translation process made it easier to reach markets around the world. Moving forward, personalized content and dynamic product selection will continue to make it easier than ever for prospects to find and engage with FARO at each stage of the buying journey. 

Measurable Impact

100k +

unique users per month


conversion rate (2x industry norm)