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For today’s buyers, the digital purchase journey is the new normal. 94% of all B2B buyers conduct online research before purchasing, according to Acquity Group. They use websites to perform research, compare options and decide if a company can meet their needs. If your site doesn’t make it easy for them to do it, they’ll visit another one that does. Is your website up to the challenge? By making modern website design a priority, you can make sure it will be.

A modern website’s functionality should align with buyers’ decision-making priorities. It should leverage responsive web design to perform well across all devices. It should provide a brand experience that fosters buyers’ trust. And it should deliver compelling interactive content. With those pieces in place, your website will engage and educate buyers — and move them toward the sale. Ready to get started?

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Our Goal-oriented Approach to Web Design

Your website is one of your biggest conversion and branding tools. To help maximize its value, we align our web design and development process with buyers’ unique needs. And we take your business goals into account from day one. Should the website focus on branding? Conversion? Product education? Multiple goals at once? Whatever the goal, we’ll design the most effective website to achieve it.

Of course, change is a given for marketers — so if requirements evolve, we’ll adapt to meet them. Our Agile development methodology lets us quickly respond to shifting priorities or market feedback, so we can keep your project on track.

The Mx Group Website Process
In our web design process, strategy and goal-setting come first. Then, we develop in phases to meet those goals efficiently.

How We Build Your Custom Website

Our custom web design services will deliver the modern, effective web presence you need. We bring expertise spanning a wide range of areas, including …

  • Information Architecture
    To get buyers what they’re looking for quickly and easily, a website’s structure should reflect their actual use cases. We’ll help develop an intuitive information architecture that puts frequently referenced information at buyers’ fingertips, creating a frictionless experience.
  • UI / UX Design
    Our website designs prioritize your business goals — not passing trends. We incorporate market feedback through A / B testing, letting buyers show us which choices they respond to best. And we hard-code best practices into a site’s framework using modular website design. We develop a library of individual components that optimize conversion and support your goals, then efficiently apply them site-wide.
  • CMS Selection and Integration
    Modern websites aren’t static brochureware — they’re ever-evolving vehicles for your message. We design flexible, easy-to-manage websites built on the most effective content management systems (CMS): Sitecore, WordPress, Ektron, DotNetNuke, Kentico or another CMS you prefer.
  • Responsive Web Design
    For most buyers, a website’s mobile experience is a priority: Google reports that 74% of B2B buyers are more likely to return to a company’s website if it’s mobile-friendly. To capture those buyers, we’ll create a unique mobile experience for your website that prioritizes usability across all major browsers and devices.
  • Hosting and Management
    We’re committed to keeping websites reliable and efficient. Using Amazon Web Services™ and Pantheon® servers, we ensure that every website loads quickly and can be managed easily. And we keep security top-of-mind at all times, so you can rest easy that your website is well protected.
  • Website Optimization Services
    To deliver the best results, a website needs consistent, long-term monitoring and maintenance. Our comprehensive website optimization services are designed to maximize website performance, spanning analytics, SEO, conversion optimization and more.

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