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Multiple research reports show that B2B buyers are waiting longer to contact Sales than they did two years ago. Why? They’re performing more research online. They don’t want the hassle of contacting Sales unless they’re already confident you can meet their needs. To give them that confidence, marketing content has to deliver the value of a sales conversation at every stage of the funnel. It needs to evaluate fit, identify needs, and provide targeted information. It should provide opportunities for conversion. And it needs to do this without involving Sales. That’s where interactive content marketing comes in.

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is a form of digital content that encourages buyers to participate in an activity and delivers personalized, relevant information. Unlike static content, interactive content requires buyers to actively engage. It uncovers their needs and explains how your company can meet them — like a digital version of your best salesperson.

Interactive content development requires both content marketing insight and digital expertise — and we have both sides of the equation covered. Our Content team can develop the strategy and creative for your interactive content, and our Digital Development team will program the experience that brings it to life.

Passive content generates conversions 36% of the time while interactive content generates conversions 70% of the time. Source: Demand Metric
How effective is interactive content? According to Demand Metric, it converts twice as well as static content does!

What Type of Interactive Content Is Right for You?

Interactive content marketing encompasses many different assets with different roles in the buyer’s journey. These are seven of the most common types we’ve created for our clients:

  • Data Visualizers
    Data visualizers let buyers filter, drill down and search through relevant data from businesses in their industry. They give buyers a high-level view of how their industry is performing, reveal common missed opportunities — and highlight problems your company could help solve.
  • Assessments
    These interactive evaluations ask buyers questions about their business, highlight their unique challenges and demonstrate the need for a solution like yours. An assessment can also send users customized reports based on their answers, including recommendations to improve their score.Want an example? Our modern marketing assessment evaluates your marketing operations and benchmarks your performance against your peers. Check it out!
  • Demonstrations
    Where static marketing content tells buyers how a solution will solve their challenges, interactive demonstrations show them. Demonstrations can have varying levels of interactivity, from straightforward product tours to complex, user-controlled simulations.

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  • Interactive Calculators
    Calculators prove a solution’s benefits will be worth the purchase price. Once buyers enter specific business data, these tools calculate the value buyers can expect from using the solution. Calculators can perform various computations depending on your needs: ROI, time savings, revenue increases and more.
  • Product Configurators
    Product configurators give buyers confidence that your company sells exactly what they’re looking for. They let buyers sort through available options, assess relevance and create a customized solution tailored to their needs. And if buyers are satisfied with what they’ve built, they can take those specs straight to Sales.
  • e-Commerce
    Many B2B companies can benefit from the simplicity and convenience of e-commerce, especially those with simple-to-buy products or many repeat buyers. In those cases, e-commerce can remove the need for sales contact, improving overall conversion potential.
  • Gamification
    These versatile platforms help buyers make a habit of engaging with you by giving them psychological rewards based on behavior. Whether it’s an interactive community, competitive rankings or rewards programs, gamification helps buyers measure the success of their purchase, and makes them feel connected and loyal to your brand.


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