Content Marketing

To connect with today’s buyers, content marketing has never had a bigger role to play. Buyers are self-directing more of their purchase journeys, and to solve their problems, they’re turning to content first — not to Sales. In fact, 68% of B2B buyers have recently increased the amount of content they use to research and evaluate their purchases, according to Demand Gen Report. They’re searching for engaging, helpful content that addresses their business priorities and helps them identify the best solution. The company with the most effective content will hold buyers’ attention — and win their business. How can you make sure that’s you? With a content marketing strategy that brings your insights to life and positions you as the top expert in your industry.

57% of the buyer's journey is complete before a buyer ever contacts a seller. Source: CEB

What Makes for Great Content Marketing

Every marketer wants quality content … but what does that mean, exactly? A successful content marketing program brings together three key pieces:

  • Internal wisdom that provides external value
    Your company is full of detailed expertise and insightful perspectives about your industry. This information can guide buyers through the purchase journey … but only if it’s expressed in a persuasive way that drives conversions.
  • Assets mapped to the sales funnel
    A buyer who’s just beginning to research has different questions and content needs than someone who’s ready to purchase tomorrow. To engage all your buyers, a content marketing program needs assets and messaging for every stage of the purchase journey.
  • The manpower to get it done
    Successful content marketing requires ongoing management. Delivering valuable information to buyers and advancing them through the funnel takes a steady stream of content — and the right people and processes to create it.

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Our Content Marketing Process

Our team approaches each content marketing program with a strategic eye and a translator’s ear. Based on your industry, buyer and purchase journey, we’ll help you determine the most resonant and effective messages for your market. Then, we’ll transform your deep internal knowledge into persuasive assets that provide value at every stage of the funnel. Together, we can create:

  • White papers and ebooks with detailed, targeted information that engages your market
  • Presentations and keynotes to give your company an informative, engaging in-person presence
  • Webinars to spread your message broadly and digitally
  • Blogs to showcase your point of view and expand your brand’s footprint
  • Video, social media, PR and much more

Our in-house team of marketing strategists, graphic designers, writers, web developers and more will ensure that every asset we create is an engaging showpiece for your message. And we’ll get that content in front of the right audience through the right channels: a compelling web presence, strategic demand generation programs and more. Together, we’ll make your content marketing program a success — and your company the go-to source of information for your market.


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