The New Normal for Creatives

We’re “going back.” And it’s going to be exactly the same, only different.

In many ways it feels like we never left. The pace has been relentless, with new work, new business and new hires to show for it. Now we’re talking about when and how to be together more regularly. And even though that’s reminiscent of the “before times,” it won’t be quite the same.

It’ll be new and different, and if we do it right it’ll be better.

3. Process

Even creatives who don’t like structure actually like process. It’s the solid ground we move around on.

A process works if it tells people not only what to do, but also how. And now that’s going to be even more important. To combat meeting fatigue, make the meeting purpose clear. Define not just who needs to be there, but how they can contribute in order to be helpful. More cross-functional collaboration and ideation will happen virtually, and agreeing to ways of working and when to come together as a full team will be essential.

When we have great participation in the process, the process does great things for us.

What makes you excited or worried about “going back”? I’d love to hear from you on LinkedIn.