Manufacturing and B2B Content Marketing: MX Roundtable

In this video on B2B content marketing for manufacturers, we discuss the evolving nature of the manufacturing industry and the importance of adapting to the needs of a younger, more diverse workforce. We highlight several key points, including:

  • Shift in Roles: The industry needs to shift its job roles to ones that emphasize purpose, sustainability and flexibility. This shift is crucial to meeting the expectation of the new workforce.
  • Role of Content Marketing: Content marketing is key to communication industry changes and attracting younger talent. By showcasing innovation and personal stories, companies can create a more appealing image of manufacturing careers.
  • Humanizing Brands: Emphasizing the human aspect and incorporating fun into communications are highlighted as effective strategies.

Our MX speakers:

  • Jim Meyers, SVP, Content Marketing
  • Cyndee Miller, VP, Content Marketing
  • Patrick Brennan, Senior Strategist
  • Otto Hektor, Managing Director