Agencies as Digital Change Agents in Your B2B Organization

A common belief is that successful relationships between agencies and clients happen when both parties are satisfied with the scope of the work being done. However, beyond that scope, are layers that could further impact the efficiency and evolution of the client’s organization. Those layers are digital acceleration, holistic thinking and employee engagement.

In our webinar, “Agencies as Digital Change Agents in Your B2B Organization,” The Mx Group’s senior vice president of digital experience, Brendan Turner, teamed up with our guest speaker, Charles Betz, vice president and research director at Forrester, to discuss the changing digital landscape of enterprise B2B organizations. As organizations look to move from a reactive to a proactive state, Turner and Betz share how partnering with an agency can help:

  • Transform the client’s organization from project teams to product teams.
  • Develop a more empathetic, customer-centric focus.
  • Break down silos to unite systems of teams (both internal and external).

According to Turner, “With a little intentionality and the right partner agency there is a way to achieve greater levels of digital and holistic maturity at a greater pace.”

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn more about this transformation.