5 B2B SEO Myths That Are Hurting Your Bottom Line

Every B2B marketer wants to improve their search visibility so that highly targeted, highly motivated search traffic will find their site. Many have tried to learn as much as they can about search engine optimization (SEO). There is certainly no shortage of information about search engine optimization available online — and no shortage of firms who provide advice and information.

But it’s not easy to tell good advice from bad advice, fact from fiction.

Bad advice will waste your time and resources and may even hurt your search rankings.

Over the years, a great deal of misinformation about SEO has spread. Some of this misinformation comes from SEO “gurus” who are not up-to-date. Some from practitioners who are selling questionable services. And some of it comes from the frequent changes in search engine ranking algorithms. Google now changes its algorithm hundreds of times a year. So, while the fundamental principles of SEO have generally stayed the same over the years, many of the tactics that worked yesterday might not work today. The reality is, that 75% of searchers never get past the first page of results.