Is Your Marketing Content Optimized for Modern Buyers?

More and more of the buyer’s journey takes place online — so you can’t rely on Sales to win over buyers. As a marketer, you need to provide value to your buyers at every touch point by mapping out their journeys, and by offering up marketing content that engages, convinces and excites. When you do it right, expect big results.

Marketers using modern marketing strategies like nurture journeys and content maps convert:

Conversion StatisticsContent Map InfographicPersonas Webinar

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About Tom Barg

Tom is vice president and executive creative director at The Mx Group. He holds an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BFA from Loyola University. Tom brings more than 15 years of B2B creative energy and experience to his role on the team. Before joining The Mx Group, Tom held a senior creative management position with a technical publishing company. As the creative head of The Mx Group, Tom specializes in developing core branding and messaging platforms that create strong connections to the market and drive long-term revenue for clients.

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