Thought Leadership Index™ Wins People’s Choice Award

The Thought Leadership Index™ earned the People’s Choice Award and the Innovation Award for Creating a New Revenue Stream at the Connectiv Executive Summit in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Thought Leadership Index is the first tool of its kind to effectively and critically calculate the drivers of thought leadership and an organization’s thought leadership position compared to its competitors.

Benchmarking Thought Leadership Content

The Thought Leadership Index tracks qualitative and quantitative data across five pillars:
Trust: “Does your audience have confidence in the usefulness and credibility of your thinking?”
Authority: “Do you have the power to influence your audience?”
Visibility: “How clearly are you seen against the competitive landscape?”
Expertise & Foresight: “Do you possess the right knowledge to anticipate your audience’s future needs?”
Content Leadership: “Does your content serve a strategy of connecting with your audience and separating you from the competition?”

This index sets benchmarks and is designed to be conducted annually using first- and third-party metrics; expert qualitative assessment; competitive analysis; and an independent, customized audience survey.

The Thought Leadership Index algorithm calibrates data to each pillar and its competitive relevance. The output creates pillar and index benchmark scores for each competitor, competitive set and industry segment.

The result is an easy-to-understand report card that helps:
• Evaluate your current thought leadership landscape and evolving competitive field
• Determine the effectiveness and validate the ROI of your content marketing program
• Identify where you can improve your score

The Thought Leadership Index was created by Imagination, part of The Mx Group, in consultation with Northwestern University’s Medill Spiegel Research Center.