Leadership Transition At One Of The Largest Remaining Independent B2B Agencies

Tony Riley, president of The Mx Group, has been named its new CEO, effective March 1, as founding partner and CEO Andy Mahler steps into the executive chairman role. The Mx Group’s other founding partner, Peter Wroblewski, will serve as vice chairman.

“We are beyond excited to see this leadership transition fully executed,” said Mahler. “Over the last three and a half years we’ve added additional talent to an already seasoned senior leadership and director level team and worked closely with team members to ensure great work, high performance and continuity.”

We are beyond excited to see this leadership transition executed.
Andy Mahler  //  Executive Chairman

In addition to being one of the largest independent B2B agencies in the country, The Mx Group is also one of the fastest growing. The agency has been in business for over 30 years, has five Fortune 500 clients on their roster, and a team of over 150 people they affectionally call Mx’ers. If you haven’t heard of them, it could be because they are one hundred percent focused on B2B, a within the advertising industry that doesn’t get the attention that B2C does.

“Tony, Nate Ulery as COO, and the senior leadership team have effectively been running the business for the last 18 months,” said Wroblewski. “It has been exciting to see how they are iterating our vision and making it better, which is evidenced by our continued revenue growth, expanded service offering and thriving culture.”

It has been exciting to see how they are iterating our vision and making it better.
Pete Wroblewski  //  Vice Chairman

“Our vision is B2B at scale,” said Riley. “We believe that the large holding companies and agencies don’t understand the complexities of B2B buying groups, sales cycles and purchase decisions — and honestly don’t care to understand it. While there are large pure-play B2B agencies, they tend to focus on one aspect of the customer experience, digital for example. Our opportunity is to bring strategy, creative, digital and technology together under one roof at a scale global B2B marketers can leverage for their brands.”

Mahler and Wroblewski will continue to serve as active board members, focusing their energy on acquisitions, the expansion of global partnerships and the ongoing mentorship of the executives and directors that form the leadership at Mx.