Your Prospects Are Watching. Do You Have Anything to Show Them?

by / Apr 01, 2013

For B2B marketers, video is an increasingly important part of the marketing mix. It has the power to educate, inform, promote and build brand awareness across the B2B influence chain.


Video increases information retention by 50% and speeds up buying decisions by 72% over print materials

Wharton School of Business

And B2B buyers watch the videos that marketers produce. In fact, 75 percent of senior executives watch business-related videos at least once a week. These days, buyers at all levels of an organization expect to see a video of some kind when making purchasing decisions. Buyers appreciate the video format because it allows them to gather key information quickly and on their own, without contacting a sales rep.

If you’re not using video to promote your offerings, you’re missing out on substantial opportunities to engage your audiences, advance your narratives and move prospects through the decision funnel. 

In spite of video’s many benefits, I come across a surprising number of B2B marketers who don’t have any video assets. For some, cost is a perceived deterrent — though video is more affordable than you might think, and the returns far outweigh the initial investment. Other marketers simply don’t yet believe online video can have a powerful influence on decision makers.

If you haven’t invested in video, here are some reasons why you should.

Video can help:

  • Improve your presence in search engines
  • (YouTube is the most powerful search engine, next to Google!)
  • Increase information retention by 50 percent
  • Speed up buying decisions by 72 percent over print materials
  • Effectively engage an audience that’s increasingly viewing your site on mobile devices
  • Drive substantial social media momentum
  • Support a strong promotional program

The Executive’s Guide to B2B Video, the new ebook from The Mx Group, will help you develop a video strategy and put it into
action. You’ll gain insight and get practical advice on the major topics related to leveraging online video in B2B marketing, including:

  • Five common misconceptions about video marketing
  • How video impacts search
  • Why online video content is the most effective way to deliver your company’s story
  • The importance of video for mobile site visitors
  • Understanding costs
  • Leveraging video content on your website
  • Harnessing the power of YouTube
  • Video as part of your promotion mix
  • Powering your social media presence with video

If you’re still not sure why or how to leverage the power of video for your business, check out our ebook now to get started.

Miro Zugovic

Partner, Director of Front End Development & Video, The Mx Group

Miro joined The Mx Group in 2006 as a digital practitioner with a background in web development, graphic design, video, 3D and content management systems. He now leads teams of award-winning digital experts, ensuring high-quality results in both front end web development and video, often integrating both to create interactive experiences with impact. A content management system expert, he is devoted to architecting intuitive, highly functional user interfaces clients truly appreciate. Miro holds dual degrees in multimedia production and design and in interactive media.