Sales and Marketing Alignment — Find a Way!

At the end of the day, Marketing and Sales are more alike than they are different. They have different functions, but share the same set of goals. Generate leads. Convert prospects. Increase revenue.

In our conversations with clients and marketers, we’re hearing that aligning sales and marketing is a real goal and that progress is being made. This is great news, and so crucial because the disconnect can be costly.

These 13 statistics reveal how misaligned sales and marketing can set your company back — and what you stand to gain by getting your teams on the same page.

Sales and Marketing: State of the State

  • 48% of business professionals don’t believe their sales and marketing teams are properly aligned to achieve their business goals. (LeanData)
  • On average, sales teams don’t follow up on 80% of marketing-generated leads. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • 49% of marketing and sales professionals say communication is the biggest challenge when aligning their teams. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Only 20% of marketers think Sales does a superb job of supporting marketing efforts. (Marketing Advisory Network)

What Does Misalignment Cost?

  • Misaligned sales and marketing processes can cost B2B companies 10% of annual revenue on average. (Kapost)
  • Companies with poor sales and marketing alignment see an annual growth rate decline of 4% on average. (Infor)
  • Lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budget cost companies at least $1 trillion every year. (The B2B Lead and Marketo)

Benefits of Aligned Sales and Marketing

  • Sales and marketing alignment makes companies 67% more effective at closing deals. (Marketo and Reachforce)
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing can help companies achieve 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability. (SiriusDecisions)
  • 23% of companies with aligned sales and marketing increase their conversion rates by over 20%. (Highspot)
  • Companies with aligned sales and marketing see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates. (Marketing Profs)
  • 75% of organizations that report sales and marketing alignment said they met or beat their revenue goals. (ActOn)
  • Sales and marketing alignment can increase marketing-generated revenue by up to 208%. (Forbes)

Are you ready to create a more integrated partnership between your sales and marketing functions? Our demand generation experts can create the processes, scoring and lead management needed to drive company growth together. Get in touch!

Nina Kuhlman

With many years’ experience managing clients at major advertising, media and marketing agencies, Nina brings a unique perspective to The Mx Group’s corporate marketing team. Strategic, creative and hands-on, she’s an adept marketing practitioner focused on digital marketing, demand generation, content creation and events for The Mx Group.

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