Telemarketing: Your Secret Weapon for Demand Gen

by / Jan 18, 2018

In an age when modern marketing dominates content and conversations, tried-and-true tactics like telemarketing are often left out. But don’t make this mistake! What we’ve seen firsthand with many B2B clients is that they can overcome their toughest demand generation challenges, and get better results from their modern marketing efforts like ABM, by leveraging telemarketing.

Kerry Cunningham, research director at SiriusDecisions, concurs. “We all know the research that’s out there that says that a large percentage of the buyer’s journey is conducted online — and that is true, but with two important caveats: Our research shows that buyers want to talk to live human beings all throughout their journeys, and nearly half of all interactions buyers have with sellers are still with real people,” he explains.

Hear Real-World B2B Telemarketing Success Stories

Recently, we hosted a webinar focusing on this very topic. Kerry and Kelly Olson, our in-house strategic telemarketing expert, review how you telemarketing can help streamline lead management and demand generation efforts. “Our clients are seeing huge successes with telemarketing — it’s improving their lead quantity and quality, increasing their ROI from events, and even playing a key role in their ABM,” Kelly says.

In this on-demand webinar, we take a closer look at this underestimated marketing tactic, and show how it can:

  • Help drive more qualified leads and close more deals
  • Support your inbound and outbound efforts, as well as your channel, third-party reps and inside sales
  • Enhance the results of other marketing efforts

Enjoy this webinar and get in touch if we can answer any of your telemarketing questions.

Nina Kuhlman

Senior Marketing Communications Manager, The Mx Group

With many years’ experience managing clients at major advertising, media and marketing agencies, Nina brings a unique perspective to The Mx Group’s corporate marketing team. Strategic, creative and hands-on, she’s an adept marketing practitioner focused on digital marketing, demand generation, content creation and events for The Mx Group.