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B2B companies face a glut of competition, from both traditional and disruptive competitors, all trying to break through with their messaging. Rising above the crowd requires more than competent content marketing. It requires a relentless understanding of your industry and your audiences’ shifting behaviors and needs — and a commitment to meeting those needs with dynamic content that showcases your brand’s unique value proposition.

Through our Content Marketing Practice, we leverage deep subject matter expertise to create differentiated, audience-first content marketing solutions for specialized industries and verticals, including B2B financial services, insurance, health care, associations and small business.

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We’ve done it all — from award-winning brand development to marketing campaigns that drive demand.


Thought Leadership Index

The Thought Leadership Index™ is our proprietary measurement, assessment and analysis of thought leadership programs. The index tracks five crucial datasets that analyze a customized range of 50–100 metrics, weighted according to your goals:

  • Authority Analytics
  • Trust Analytics
  • Expertise and Foresight Analytics
  • Visibility Analytics
  • Content Leadership Analytics

Imagination, now part of The Mx Group, developed this proprietary index, in consultation with Northwestern University, to validate the agency’s methodology and process for measuring thought leadership.

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