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What’s Your Modern Marketing Score?

What’s Your Modern Marketing Score?

You know what it takes to succeed as a modern marketer. The right tech to run your operations. Business goal and process alignment between Marketing and Sales to manage every stage of your funnel. A well-managed database to direct your demand gen efforts. And the metrics that matter.

But how close are you to making it all happen?

This self-assessment will measure your company’s modern marketing readiness, and identify areas for potential improvement in six areas:

  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Data management
  • Lead management
  • Marketing programs
  • Measurement and reporting

This assessment takes less than five minutes. Once you’ve finished, you'll receive a link to your custom report, which will include an overall score benchmarking your operational readiness, individual scores for each category, and recommendations for the next steps on your modern marketing journey.

As a bonus, we’ll send you a PowerPoint presentation of your custom results and recommendations, to make it easy to share.

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The full report will show your scores for each category, along with personalized recommendations.