Interactive Visualization Tool Shows Steel Products Everywhere

Client: Zekelman Industries Industry: Manufacturing


Every marketer wants their product or service to get noticed and recognized for the value it provides. But for Zekelman Industries, it’s a tough task, as nearly all of their steel pipe and tube products are “hidden” underground, within walls, above ceilings, or machined and hidden within other machines, making them invisible to the most discerning eye. Out of sight and out of mind.

What they needed was an interactive product demonstration tool to showcase the breadth of the company’s branded product offerings and the widespread nature of where those products are used. Their sales team is focused on distribution, so they wanted a tool that would reach decision-makers and influencers in the construction and OEM industries, and even educate the general public. Something that clearly demonstrates the value their products provide to support, protect and enable the structures where we all live, work and play.

World of Zekelman Website


We recommended the creation of an animated 3D “world” that would demonstrate the vast array of applications for products manufactured by Zekelman Industries. The World of Zekelman features each major type of structure that one would find in their own city, from multifamily housing to hospitals, bridges to train stations, farms to greenhouses, and everything in between. Each structure can be explored to see how each of the company’s seven product categories is used in the structure. Using a BIM or CAD-lite approach, animation depicts how the products are used in the structure.

This 3D city is now a central feature of the website, used during executive keynote presentations and available for visitors to one of the company’s 17 locations to interact with on a giant touch-screen TV. As an interactive tool, the experience is optimized for use on any desktop or mobile device.

World of Zekelman view through Mobile

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