Research Report — What Does Success Look Like to Modern Marketers Today?


What are B2B modern marketers’ challenges today? And is the term “modern marketing” even relevant? Is it a turnoff? We’ve debated these questions internally here for some time now, but in reality, terms don’t matter. What matters is finding success in your job, satisfaction with your work, and your ability to adapt, learn, grow, and roll with the punches in the dynamic world of marketing.

We meet with B2B marketers day in and day out and have some pretty good visibility into their highlight reels and occasional strikeouts at the plate. And it’s human nature to compare and confirm that you’re not alone when it comes to challenges with your work. To that end, we wanted to dig deep with B2B marketers to find out what types of strategies, tools and techniques are really working for them today and where they’re facing true challenges.

But we didn’t field this research to put a spotlight on the struggles. We did it to showcase the areas of growth B2B marketers can concentrate on to hit more home runs. You’re dealing with so many choices, resources and tools when it comes to marketing strategy, data, theory and more. We created this report as a guide to help you narrow down your next set of marketing goals and initiatives to bring about the best possible results.

We surveyed B2B marketers across a range of industries and levels of responsibility, from managers to the C-suite, from across the globe. We asked them about topics affecting many areas of marketing today, including data management and integration, the use and efficacy of martech, C-suite buy-in, access to talent, and agency utilization.

What were the results? Please download the report to find out! We think you’ll quickly relate to three key themes of what success looks like and the areas where struggling marketers should place their focus to gain the biggest returns.

Happy reading, and please feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts about this report!