Research-based Tips for the Best B2B Website

To create the best B2B website possible, there is a lot to tackle, from features and content to technology and design. You know your site is more important than ever before, but if it’s not producing the results you need, do you know how to actually improve it? It can be hard to know where to start. Our team helps clients get more value from their website — whether it’s a full B2B website redesign or website conversion optimization. But even with hundreds of website projects under our belts, there’s no one-size-fits-all playbook for effective B2B websites.

So we gathered research about what B2B buyers value and expect to help you determine what areas to prioritize to create the best B2B website possible that drives traffic, converts buyers and delivers business value. Here are the top ten recommendations that emerged:

1. Provide real-time support, like live chat: Be ready to respond where and when your buyers are ready.

Showpad, “The New B2B Buyer Experience”

2. Make a comparison: Ensure it’s easy to compare your solution to your competitors’, and you’ll stand out.

McKinsey & Company, “Digital Sales & Analytics: Driving above-market growth in B2B”

3. Create self-service customer portals: Implement digital ways for customers to get help, quotes and specs.

Vanilla Forums, “5 Benefits of a B2B Customer Self Service Portal”

4. Empower peer-to-peer interactions: You can let the conversation pass you by, or you can create the engagement platform that facilitates end-user interactions.

Demand Gen Report, “2019 B2B Buyers Survey Report”

5. Make sure you have a great mobile experience: It’s table stakes these days.

BCG, “Mobile Marketing and the New B2B Buyer”

6. Rethink your content organization: Base your navigation and resource library on user preferences, not your org chart or CMS restrictions.

Demand Gen Report, “2020 Content Preferences Study”

7. Show off your expertise: Create industry- and application-specific content that helps buyers see your value in their situation.

Demand Gen Report, “2019 B2B Buyers Survey Report”

8. Optimize your social media strategy, especially LinkedIn: It’s not just what you’re promoting on social media, but the experience on your website that you’re leading people to.

Demand Gen Report, “2020 Content Preferences Study”

9. Only gate your most valuable content: Make it easy and low-commitment for users to engage with the rest and get to know you and your solutions.

Demand Gen Report, “2019 B2B Buyers Survey Report”

10. Add more video on your website: This is a particularly important medium if what you’re selling is costly and complex.

Showpad, “The New B2B Buyer Experience”

In today’s business climate, your company needs the best B2B website possible. It’s one of your most valuable assets, and you can’t afford for it to be subpar! Start now with a few of the 10 tips above, and you’ll be on your way to improvement.

And if you need more guidance, reach out to one of our experts!