Aligning Marketing and Sales to Accelerate Revenue Growth

I’ve worked with dozens of B2B clients, and I’ve seen the same story over and over again …

Marketing needs to deliver revenue impact, but the leads they send to Sales get ignored or mishandled.

And Sales feels like they’re totally on their own. Too many of the leads that Marketing sends over are unqualified, and weeding through them costs Sales valuable time that they need to spend selling.

Getting your marketing and sales teams on the same page isn’t just a matter of good interdepartmental relations. It’s a critical first step to creating an effective demand generation program. B2B marketing programs that don’t successfully align sales and marketing functions are unlikely to deliver profitable revenue.

After all, you can’t generate qualified leads if your marketing and sales teams don’t have a shared definition of a qualified lead. Unfortunately, less than 10% of companies report having a universally accepted definition.1

In many organizations, marketing and sales initiatives may not even be targeting the same audiences. They are often working with criteria that haven’t been reviewed systematically.

As you begin the process of aligning your teams, you will likely find many other points of disconnect. You may find that Sales isn’t getting critical pieces of information they need to follow up effectively, or that your sales and marketing technology systems don’t talk to each other.
Ultimately, you should be building a marketing and sales machine with integrated and optimized processes and systems across the entire sales pipeline. And both of these teams should be accountable for their contributions to revenue!

We’re excited to launch our new e-book, Accelerating Revenue Growth Through Sales & Marketing Alignment.

At The Mx Group, we are passionate about demand generation. This book presents a set of core steps that will help B2B marketers build the foundation for marketing programs that deliver real, bottom-line results. You’ll learn to align your sales and marketing teams, positioning your organization to create more demand and generate more revenue.

88% of the best-performing companies have aligned their marketing and sales teams.2 Shouldn’t yours be one of them?

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2Aberdeen Group