New Millennial Buyer Research From Mx & Demand Gen Report

Many B2B sales and marketing teams may be under the misconception that their millennial colleagues — those born between 1981 and 1996 — aren’t yet holding influential buying roles. However, new research shows this is not the case. Millennials now hold powerful positions when it comes to B2B buying negotiations, which means it’s time to evolve go-to-market strategies to enable them, engage them and expedite their buying journey.

We recently partnered with Demand Gen Report to survey nearly 200 millennial B2B buyers, and the results are both fascinating and actionable.

77% of our B2B Millennial Buyer Survey respondents are primary decision-makers or key influencers for products and services over $10K.

In this new research, you’ll find information on millennial buyers’ preferences and processes. Topics covered include:

  • Millennial buyers’ shifting content preferences toward peer-to-peer recommendations and “people-like-me” use cases
  • Millennial challenges and the need to adopt a buyer-enablement mentality to overcome them
  • The importance of tailored, streamlined digital experiences in the millennial buying journey
  • The growing emphasis on social media, messaging apps and more
  • Millennial expectations for self-service / e-commerce buying options

Download your copy of the report here! And be sure to register for our upcoming webinar, where The Mx Group’s VP of marketing and strategy, Kellie de Leon, will review the main findings from this important new research.