The Best of Mx in 2023

by / Dec 21, 2023

To move forward, we often look back at what we’ve accomplished — reflecting on what inspired us and captivated our attention, reviewing what we’ve learned to bring energy to our next challenge.

With that in mind, we’re looking at the stories you read and shared the most in 2023. We’ve curated our most-loved blogs and resources as determined by you and your peers.

May the trends that inspired you awaken new opportunities for growth in the year ahead.

Top 3 Overall

Our top three pieces in 2023 had one thing in common: practical advice. Although you were partial to digital content creation as a theme, the “best of the best” was content that offered you insights with actionable tips to help you reach new heights.

Modular Web Design: Versatility, Usability and Agility
This article delves into the evolution of modular web design principles, tracing its origins to the growing need for adaptable and scalable digital solutions. Its significance in 2023 lies in the increasing demand for flexible, user-centric web experiences that can be delivered on time and budget.

Listen Up! How Brands Use Podcasts to Forge Authentic Customer Connections
This white paper by our Content Marketing Practice shows you everything you need to know about making podcasting a part of your marketing plan. It’s a blend of actionable insights with a reflection on audio as a medium.

A Quick-hit Guide to Social Storytelling
Another big hitter from the Content Marketing Practice was this concise yet comprehensive breakdown on leveraging storytelling techniques within social media campaigns. It offers practical steps to captivate audiences effectively. And you were digging it this year.

Top 3 for B2B digital experience trends

Did your website generate leads? Did your website empower your marketing team to attract prospects, build relationships and convert buyers? The answers to these questions must have been top of mind for many readers. Because the articles that answered how to build better digital experiences won out. You saw modular web design coming in at number one above; here are the articles that ranked next in digital experience.

New Persona-driven Website Increases Engagement and Leads
This case study details our approach to create a persona-driven B2B website. It gives practical insights and tangible results that demonstrated increased engagement and lead generation, making it a valuable resource for marketers seeking a more effective web content strategy.

Build a Better B2B e-Commerce Experience
For B2B companies aiming to refine their online purchase platforms, this blog offers actionable advice to optimize the B2B e-commerce experience to improve user interaction and boost sales.

Five B2B Digital Experience Trends to Transform Your Business
Early in 2023, we offered a forward-looking perspective on leveraging emerging technologies and consumer behaviors that would help marketers stay ahead for the year. These digital experience (DX) insights acted as a roadmap and empowered marketers to adapt and thrive as DX evolved.

Top 3 for Content Marketing

Great content changes minds and sparks action. Here were the blog articles that had you clicking to learn more.

Why Journalistic Content Is Important for B2B
B2B marketers sought out ways to convey their brand message in creative, authentic ways. This post appealed to many for its exploration of the significance of journalistic content in providing validated information to customers.

15 Ways B2B Brands Can Maximize the ROI of Their Next White Paper
White papers have an important role in the buyer’s journey. Our readers cared about how to enhance the effectiveness of that format.

Get Ready: This Is What Generative AI Search Looks Like
The world talked about generative AI this year. This article offered a glimpse into the future of search technology.

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