The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention and Expo is the automotive industry’s most important event. Automobile dealers don’t just come to the show to learn about new products; they come ready to purchase. As a leading provider of software solutions for auto dealers, vAuto needed to have an impactful presence at the show.

Picture of Conquest logo used in the NADA marketing program
The Mx Group worked with vAuto to develop the brand identity for Conquest, the game-changing new product that the client launched at the 2014 NADA Convention.

At the 2014 show, vAuto was introducing Conquest, a major new product. vAuto’s flagship product, Provision, manages used car inventories, but Conquest was vAuto’s entry into the new car space. The product allows car dealers to completely change their approach to managing their new car inventories, addressing a long-standing industry issue.

The challenge was to create a high-impact launch around the show in a way that connected the history of vAuto’s brand to their new Conquest product line.

Picture of award-winning vAuto booth, a component of the NADA Marketing Program
vAuto’s booth at the NADA show created a distinctive space for the new product, delivering a unified, highly immersive brand experience.

For the trade show booth, we developed a 40′ x 80′ booth with two sides: One focused on the Provision product, one on Conquest. The two sides were divided by a large and dominant “V,” a reference to the vAuto name. A distinct color palette was used for each side, both connecting back to vAuto’s core brand identity.

A product commercial — running at the show and on vAuto’s website — drives home the unique features of Conquest while generating energy around the real-world benefits it provides to auto dealers.


We focused on generating excitement about the revolutionary change that Conquest brings to the new car market. In the months leading up to the convention, we designed a multi-channel promotional campaign that positioned Conquest as a fundamental change in how auto dealers do business.

Picture of Conquest ad in the marketing program
The campaign launched with a spread and single-page ad combination that created excitement for the product launch and established a narrative around the challenges of the new car market.

The campaign included:

  • Print and banner ads
  • Promotion on the vAuto website, including an interstitial and multiple banner promotions
  • Conference sponsorship and show program advertising
  • A branding video
  • A product brochure


The launch of Conquest at the NADA Convention was a major success. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Lead goal was exceeded by more than 150%
  • Sales goal was exceeded by more than 200%

Conquest sales momentum continued after the show, with more than 30% of leads turning into sales. We are proud to help vAuto tell its story as it continues to revolutionize the auto industry.

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