Elevating Tempur Sealy’s Brand Past the Competition

Tempur Sealy / Hospitality

Tempur Sealy needed to stand out in the crowded hospitality space, where the competition echoed the Tempur Sealy message about guest satisfaction. Our team created a unique identity for them by completely modernizing the guest satisfaction theme. The “Expect Raves” campaign gave Tempur Sealy a fresh approach with longevity and versatility, and — importantly — it shows hospitality buyers that we understand just how important positive customer reviews are to their business. We’ve implemented this campaign on the Tempur Sealy website, trade show booths and a series of testimonials. Tempur Sealy has been thrilled with this modernized messaging, and the campaign has definitely distinguished them from their competitors.

A single-page ad as part of Tempur Sealy’s “Expect Raves” campaign
Tempur Sealy “Expect Raves” banner ads
A Tempur Sealy “Expect Raves” single-page ad
The campaign included testimonial pieces featuring successful hoteliers
A Tempur Sealy “Expect Raves” email
The campaign imagery and messaging were integrated into Tempur Sealy’s website

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