Launching a B2B Brand Within a B2C Business

WHOOP Unite  |  SaaS

The Impact

WHOOP, a wearable technology company, is revolutionizing health and resilience through comprehensive data collection and analytics that focus on an individual’s sleep, strain and recovery. The business began in the B2C space, but leaders soon recognized the technology was ideal for organizations searching for ways to better support their employees. WHOOP ventured into the B2B space with the creation of the enterprise brand WHOOP Unite™.

In the fall of 2021, The Mx Group partnered with the marketing team at WHOOP Unite, which was looking for a B2B agency that could introduce their product as an innovative and impactful solution for organizations.

We created a holistic B2B customer experience strategy that targeted the complex buying groups in the four key verticals WHOOP Unite supports: NCAA Division 1 athletics, business, health care and public service. The agency partnered with the WHOOP Unite team to:

  • Build and launch the WHOOP Unite B2B website.
  • Stand up and integrate the martech solution.
  • Create a demand infrastructure.
  • Increase the core audiences’ engagement with digital assets.
  • Drive more business leads to the sales pipeline.

Since the launch of WHOOP Unite in early June 2022, we have seen:

  • 12,830 site visits in the first 15 days and an average of 600 site visits per day.
  • More engagement and traction with core digital assets like ebooks, case studies, videos and blog content.
  • A lift in new leads and acceleration of in-progress sales conversations.
  • 179 form submissions via the website through July 8, 2022.

“I was impressed with how The Mx Group had the ability to understand our business and had ideas of where we could take it, whether that was copy and creative or optimizing for different roles on a buying team … I think of The Mx Group as an extension of the WHOOP Unite team,” said Jennifer Cannizzaro, head of marketing at WHOOP Unite.

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The Need

WHOOP has seen phenomenal growth in its initial 10 years. The company’s wearable technology was built to capture an individual athlete’s biometric data 24 hours a day and give them insights into their daily sleep, strain and recovery. The company’s data and analytics capabilities created an entry point to expand into the B2B space.

Decision-makers in the key verticals WHOOP Unite targets are looking for smart ways to better support their employees, increase retention and enhance performance. The pressure is even more pronounced in a post-pandemic world. They currently struggle with finding solutions that the company can easily adopt. Using WHOOP Unite technology, organization leaders are able to view anonymized, aggregated health data to improve employees’ overall wellness and, by extension, increase retention and optimize team performance.

The Challenge

WHOOP Unite needed an integrated partner that was just as agile as its team to develop a digital presence that was optimized for B2B buying groups. The B2B startup had a minimal digital footprint with only a few pages of web content housed on its B2C counterpart, Cannizzaro was tasked with building the B2B marketing organization inside of WHOOP.


“I have a philosophy for velocity,” said Cannizzaro as she described the need for the new B2B brand to ramp up quickly. “WHOOP Unite wants to enable organizations to help their people succeed by creating a community of accountability. We needed to find a strategic-focused partner that could act as an extension of our team and accelerate the areas we needed to develop.” Those areas included launching the WHOOP Unite website and strengthening demand and digital efforts to build pipeline and grow the business.


The Solution

The Mx Group became an active force in the B2B brand launch. Our partnership with WHOOP Unite led to the creation of the B2B website, with personalized experiences for buying groups in different verticals, the demand infrastructure and roadmap, automated prospect nurture journeys, educational and lead-generating content, and presence at industry events.


The Results

Our partnership helped WHOOP Unite confidently enter the B2B space. The website launched in June of 2022 and created 12,830 site visits in the first 15 days and an average of 600 site visits per day. Engagement increased for core digital assets like ebooks, case studies and blog content. The website brought a lift in new leads and an acceleration of in-progress sales conversations, and it enabled 179 form submissions through July 8, 2022.

“It’s both the quality of the work and the partnership that you (The Mx Group) bring to the table,” said Cannizzaro. “From what we’ve seen, every direction we point you in, you really bring your brightest people and seek to understand our business, and our goals, and the problems we’re trying to solve, and then work with us and genuinely value our feedback.”

The Mx Group continued to optimize the B2B website experience for prospects and existing customers of WHOOP Unite, driving traffic to the website via highly targeted digital and social channels and events, and nurturing leads through the complex B2B buyer’s journey.

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