Dyson Direct Mailer Demands Target Audience’s Attention

Dyson Commercial / Manufacturing

Like many clients, Dyson Commercial has a small number of sectors, segments and personas that make up an outsized portion of their total potential. This initiative was targeted at these groups.

This attention-grabbing box arrived via FedEx and was virtually guaranteed to be opened.

The premise of the mailing — to eliminate clogs in public restrooms caused by paper towels (otherwise known as a “code brown”) — was one that allowed us to focus on all the things that help make the Dyson Airblade™ technology unique, from user experience to hygiene to cost savings to environmental friendliness to the fact that it actually works!

The plunger really resonated with facilities managers.

The box included a mini plunger and crumpled paper towels, and was backed by customer case studies, independent research, sector-specific materials and, of course, information on the underlying technology.

Section-specific case studies and technical data supported the value proposition.

The results continue to accrue, with very large entities who represent thousands of units of potential across multiple facilities making their way into the sales pipeline.

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