Customer-Centric Content Eases Software Switch Pain

Dealertrack / Automotive


There’s a reason we all resist getting started on a big overhaul, like cleaning up that oh-so-messy garage. A project like that can feel too painful and overwhelming. But in life and in business, change is what’s needed to stay ahead in a world of constant evolution. Held back by resistance to change, many car dealers don’t realize that upgrading their dealership management system (DMS) is the best way to “clean out the garage” and choose a system configured to work exactly the way their team needs it to. Dealertrack is that solution for car dealers, and they needed a unique way to educate dealers about their product, help them feel better about the pain points of switching, and guide them toward making that big change in their DMS.


After carefully reviewing buyer persona research and considering dealer pain points, challenges and content preferences, The Mx Group recommended a gated, downloadable ebook / guide. This ebook serves as a lead generation piece to help ease dealer prospects’ fears and clearly lay out the benefits of a technology change. The guide, titled “Letting Go of Old Technology,” acts as a central content piece about how switching technology doesn’t have to be totally painful. It breaks down everything dealers need to know before considering a DMS switch.

The messaging is buyer-focused and educational, not product / tech feature specific. It includes philosophy and knowledge on switching approaches to ease dealer concerns. To promote the guide, prospects were targeted through industry publications, social media channels and online banner ads. The messaging in many aspects of the promotional campaign was purposely high-level, designed in a teaser format to capture attention and drive interest in downloading the guide. The message was integrated across multiple channels to build upon recall and to incite action.


This creative campaign yielded hundreds of downloads and new contacts for Dealertrack’s database, and it was extremely well received by the client and dealers alike. This persona-based content has served as the jumping-off point for a highly successful email nurture campaign that’s converting dealers from engaged to demonstration to sale.

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