Anvil International is a leading manufacturer of pipe hangers and connectors. Their products serve the mechanical, industrial, fire protection, and power generation markets. Anvil knows that buyers go through more than just a purchasing process; they go through an engineering and approval process that often involves slow and tedious paper spec compilation and shuffling.

We brought our deep knowledge of their core business and web app development expertise to build a submittal manager that streamlines the process and makes it easy for engineers and contractors.

Screenshot of Anvil web app and selection tool
Product selection page

Screenshot of Anvil web app dynamic tools
Customize the submittal by selecting various products

Customers can now select products from anywhere on the site, add them to a submittal, specify the project information once and simply push a button for output. The web app selects the relevant product literature and specifications, applies the engineering approval stamps and project information, and assembles it all into a single shareable, saveable PDF. It stores the project for future modification and also lets customers use it as a template for future projects.

Screenshot of Anvil web application dynamic product tool submission
Final review of the submittal

Image of final documents product with the Anvil web app
Pages from the final submittal package

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