Personas and Buyer Strategy

B2B Buyers have high expectations for their purchase experience, but it’s not always easy to deliver. A huge percentage of buyers complete their purchase research process online, without Sales. And often, they won’t reach out until they’re already confident a company can meet their needs.

That means you have to convince buyers you’re the right choice — before you even speak to them. How? By using buyer personas to understand buyers’ challenges better than anyone else does. B2B buyer personas provide deep, actionable insight into customers’ wants, needs and preferences. If you create content that aligns with this information, buyers will be happy to engage. And if you structure your programs to resonate with buyers’ preferences and meet their expectations, you’ll move them more easily toward the sale.

Want a major competitive advantage? Know your buyers better than the competition does, using buyer personas like these.

Engage Buyers Through Insightful Buyer Personas

Our marketing strategists will work with you to create buyer personas that reveal how top-of-funnel prospects think about and move through the buy cycle. These personas are full of information about customers’ priorities, challenges and decision-making criteria. And they work: According to Cintell, 71% of B2B companies who exceed their lead and revenue goals have documented and used buyer personas.

To build your personas, we follow the Buyer Persona Institute’s model. Why? It dives deep into the factors that motivate buyers to make a change in the first place. It results in personas that capture buyers’ mindset as they decide to make a purchase — revealing what it takes to capture and keep their attention.

Buyer persona Institute's 5 Rings of Buying Insight TM
To get the most useful buy cycle information, we base our buyer persona interviews on the Buyer Persona Institute’s Five Rings of Insight™.

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The Mx Group’s Approach to Buyer Persona Development

  • Gathering Data
    To start developing buyer personas, we perform comprehensive research to find out how your customers buy, and which buyer types are the best fit for your company. We use e-surveys, in-person interviews, phone interviews and data analysis to gather this insight, speaking with current, lost and prospective customers as well as internal company stakeholders.
  • The Five Rings of Insight
    We conduct persona interviews based on the Buyer Persona Institute’s Five Rings of Insight framework to identify what drives buyers’ decisions. This method highlights buyers’ challenges, the roadblocks holding them back, and why they’ll ultimately choose one solution over another. By the end of our interviews, we’ll have deep insight into the real reasons people do or don’t do business with you.
  • The Final Product
    We distill the information from our research and interviews into actionable personas that go beyond surface-level demographics. We provide insight into buyers’ strategic priorities, role in the decision-making process, and pain points, along with resonant messaging, customer journey and industry insights, and more. You’ll be armed with everything you need to shape marketing content, structure demand generation efforts and connect with buyers.

Additional Buyer Strategy Services
In addition to developing buyer persona projects, we are specialists in a wide range of B2B buyer strategy services including:

  • Voice of Customer Research: in-depth insights for marketing, branding or product development
  • Market Mapping: identify and prioritize market segments for demand generation or ABM
  • Lost Customer Analysis: reveal actionable strategies for retention
  • Product Launch Research: gain the information needed to help identify messaging strategies and gain awareness and velocity for your launch

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