Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing have one goal: generating business growth. But just because they share a common mission, it doesn’t mean they’re automatically on the same page. All too often, Marketing and Sales work in silos, without any idea of what the other team is up to. They don’t collaborate. They don’t agree on definitions or tactics. And that disconnect can cause serious pipeline problems. MarketingProfs reports that, on average, Sales doesn’t follow up on 80% of marketing-generated leads … and misalignment is often to blame. So isn’t it time you made sales and marketing alignment a priority? Aligning sales and marketing empowers both teams to work together, maximize resources — and improve marketing-generated revenue by 208% on average, according to MarketingProfs. There’s no time like right now to start.

The Mx Group Sales Funnel: Universe; Marketing-driven levels: Addressable Market, Suspects, Inquiries, MQLs; Sales-driven levels: SALs, SQLs; Customers.
To move more buyers from suspects to customers, Sales and Marketing need a shared set of goals, definitions and tactics.

A Portrait of Sales and Marketing Misalignment

What do alignment issues look like in the real world? If you took a walk through a company with misaligned sales and marketing teams, you’d probably hear something like this …

  • “Why doesn’t Sales just follow up on the leads we send them?”
  • “Marketing’s leads are no good!”
  • “What’s supposed to happen next with these leads anyway?”

In other words, misalignment often looks like frustration and finger-pointing. But the problem isn’t that Marketing and Sales are slacking off. It’s that they don’t share common goals or processes. And when your teams don’t have the same vision or shared tactics, they can’t work together to generate leads or drive revenue. So if any of these frustrations sound familiar, you could have an alignment issue on your hands.

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How We Get Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

  • Baseline Assessments
    The first step toward sales and marketing alignment is simple: finding out where you stand. We determine both teams’ alignment baseline using our Marketing and Sales Maturity Diagnostic Assessment, along with qualitative measures like interviews and focus groups.
  • Universally Accepted Qualified Lead Definition (ULD) Workshops
    No two businesses define a lead the same way — because “lead” isn’t a catch-all term. It’s a set of criteria that determines whether a prospect is buy-ready, and both teams have to agree on what that means. What makes a marketing-qualified lead? A sales-qualified lead? Together, we’ll help both teams speak the same language.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Development and Implementation
    After defining a lead, it’s time to determine what Marketing and Sales should do with those leads. We’ll help you draft an SLA — a document defining expectations for both teams. This holds Marketing accountable for lead generation, Sales accountable for follow-up … and both teams accountable for revenue.

How We Help Marketing Partner with Sales

Even after setting up an SLA, Marketing will continue working with Sales for the long haul. We can help you create sales enablement tools that empower Sales, engage buyers and streamline the selling process, including …

  • Territory playbooks: searchable tools that filter prospect data based on criteria you select, so reps can quickly find top opportunities
  • Sales portals: all-in-one online hubs hosting the resources Sales needs to engage buyers
  • Quote and proposal generators: digital tools that produce customer-facing proposals or quotes in seconds, eliminating manual effort
  • Collateral: engaging assets — direct mail, PowerPoints, product sheets, pricing guides and more — that give buyers the confidence to purchase


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